Henry Tse, CEO


Henry Tse, 

Chief Executive Officer

“Don’t work for the money. Let the money work for you.”

Henry, founder of CA for Doctors, has been consulting and providing financial services to individuals as well as businesses for more than 20 years. He is not only an expert in taxation and investing, but also an expert in unlocking the potential of financial growth by providing meaningful, progressive and customized advice. He helps clients to understand their financial needs and make a better use of their assets. Clients are met regularly to deal with financial affairs.

CA for Doctors applies general financial knowledge, innovative thinking and reasonable approach to practical problems that clients bring. Our team of trustworthy professionals are readily available to assist and support clients to find the true solution for achieving financial goals in their different stages in life by detailed planning and careful execution.

If you want to be more efficient and effective on achieving your financial goals, you deserve a SECOND OPINION from him.